Enter New Worlds

Wolves of the Shadowlands

Centuries have passed since mankind vanished from the Earth, and in that time, the Wolves have risen to inherit the title of "Alpha Predator". They have lived in peace and thrived for generations. But that is all about to change...
The Wolves tell stories, of beings that strode upright, the Walkers, who would one day return to ravage the Earth and take back their "Alpha" crown. Ukita, a young wolf, dismisses these stories as nothing more than fiction, until he meets one for himself.
Faced with the looming shadow of a violent war between their races, these creatures must either learn to coexist as beings of nature, or fall to ruin.

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Haze - A Literary Collection

"Haze" is a print collection of assorted works by Matthew Manyak. Contents range from freeverse poetry to photographs. "Haze" is intended to showcase the depth of the coexistence of Light and Darkness manifested in the world.

The Things They Stole From Us

A wrongly-imprisoned whistleblower finds himself involved with a group of idealistic rebels fighting a violent guerrilla war against the powerful and controlling forces of the Engram Authority.
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